Best Rate Guarantee Claim

How to claim
After you have made a reservation through our individual or group website please take note of your confirmation number.

If within the following 24 hours you find a better rate for the same offer, (same villa, dates, room/villa category, and rate conditions) on another internet site, all you have to do is to complete all the data requirement and request that the Best Rate Guarantee be respected. Our customer service team, after verifying the information, will confirm your reservation at the better price.

Applicability and Exclusion
Astana Hospitality “Best Rate Guarantee” applies exclusively to Astana Hospitality Suite and Villas bookings, not including the sale of rate packages/special offers (including an offer proposed at the hotel, transport services or any other service related to the room booking).

The rates that covered by the Best Rate Guarantee has to be available to the public and available for reservation booking; particularly excluded are:

  • Group rates
  • Corporate rates
  • Rates granted to event organizers
  • Rates granted to Astana Hospitality Loyalty program
  • Rates granted to all partners and employees
  • Rates granted to Astana Hospitality employees

Data Requirement

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Type of the villa

Best Rate Guarantee is only apply to the same type of villa and property as that which was booked on our individual or group website.

The corresponding type of villa must be available on another websites at the time of claim verification by the Astana Hospitality customer service. Please include the proof of screen shoot.

Dates and length of the stay

Best Rate Guarantee applies to the same dates as the stay booked on our individual or group website.

For claims concerning a booking of two or more consecutive nights (at the same villa accommodation), the Best Rate Guarantee applies on the basis of the price per night and not on the total amount of the stay and booking benefits inclusion.


If the rate found on another website is given in a currency different from that of the rate booked on our individual or group website. Astana Hospitality customer service will convert this rate into the same currency as the rate offered on the website on us. Basic rate currency on our website is based on IDR.

The exchange rate used will be the Astana Hospitality exchange rate in effect on the website at the time of the initial reservation.

After the rate is converted, Astana Hospitality reserves the right to refuse a claim, especially if the difference between the rates is due to the fact that the two websites use different currency exchange rates.

Sales conditions

The sales conditions related with the rate on another website have to be the same as the sales conditions of the rate booked on our website in order for the Best Rate Guarantee to apply.

This concerns specifically:

  • Prepayment and deposit requirements
  • Cancellation conditions
  • Conditions concerning modification of the reservation

Complete a Claim

Complete all required data that must be written in email. Every incomplete claim data required will not be processed.

A claim may be made within the 24 hours following the booking made on our website by the time on the reservation, and 3 days before the scheduled arrival at the hotel. If the original booking was made within the 72 hours prior the arrival at the hotel, Best Rate Guarantee does not apply.

Handling of claims

After the claim is verified by the customer service, the Best Deal Ever will grant your claim if it is meet all the terms and conditions of application. The customer service will send you an e-mail giving you the confirmation number of your reservation as well as the new rate applicable to your reservation.

In the case of a prepaid reservation rate, Astana Hospitality will reimburse the difference in price on the credit card initially debited online.

If the claim does not meet the conditions of the Best Rate Guarantee, the customer service will send you an e-mail stating that the Best Rate Guarantee cannot be applied.

In that case that if you wish to cancel the reservation made on our website, the sales conditions apply for those confirmed in the sales conditions presented on the site.

Initial rate of the hotel

At your departure from the villa, the rate confirmed by the customer service will be billed together with any other services not included in the reservation (restaurant, bar, etc.).

In the event that the rate was prepaid at the time of the booking, only the services not included in the reservation (restaurant, bar, etc.) will be billed at check-out.


Astana Hospitality is not held accountability concerning any expenses that may occur from canceling a reservation, for all reservations made on any website outside of our website

Astana Hospitality has the right to change or terminate the Best Rate Guarantee and the terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice.