The Aquila

Aquila, the romantic rooftop chapel complex villa at the stylish Uluwatu, Bali. The beauty of design, white domination color, flowers everywhere, and the romance in the air collaborated perfectly in this luxurious Uluwatu complex villa. It offers 17 units of villa with private swimming pools. We especially create a concept of a romantic hidden palace to celebrate love besides a great place to spend the holiday, enjoy the festive moment on every single thing we serve.

We realize, this complete package will not work well without our best service and complete facilities. Thus, we are striving to make an ideal combination of leisure, experience as well as passion to show the true Bali hospitality.

Being in a complex with Flamingo Dewata, Aquila has a beautiful open air-chapel at the second floor right on the bar. The wedding venue is opposite the blue ocean, such an awesome view to experience your most special moment in life. It gives enthralling remembrance if you celebrate your love here. Imagine you are celebrating your white wedding on a topped-cliff-villa with great people around, best service and excellent facilities. It is supported with super spacious garden for 800 guests maximum.

Aquila, for a true romantic experience in Bali.

Aquila, the Eagle of Love in Bali.

Aquila is derived from the Latin and Romance word of Eagle. Specifically, Aquila is the genus of true small eagles. And it is commonly connected to Buteos, the sea eagles and other more heavyset Accipitridae. Yet recently, these eagles appear as if they are less distinct from other more slender accipitrine hawks. While Eagles are group of large birds usually hunt a quite big prey to live.

The embodiment of Aquila reflects the true character we want to share with people. A strong and stiff bird, but has a good characteristics of warm and kind. This is how Aquila Bali wants to define itself. And this is how we want to serve you. Bold but gentle, distinct but friendly.

Not for Those Honeymooners Only

Yes, we named it Aquila, a strong Eagle to show that our venue can catch a lot of audience with a wide point of view venue. It means that we are not focusing only on wedding venue, but also for some other wider venue. The venue also works best for dining, any parties and more events. Also, the name of Aquila has a strong connection with our previous venue called “Flamingo” which focuses only on wedding venue.

We add a restaurant and bar right under the rooftop chapel. You can enjoy our long list of dishes, best food and beverages you can always try. Also you can sip up refreshing cocktails with complementary food.

Facilities and Services:

Bali is the island of charm. Nobody could deny its beauty inserted in the dramatic beaches, the historical places, the legend of its culture, the people, and of course the hospitality. Bringing the passion of Bali hospitality offered to every tourist, Aquila is blessed with facilities and services of A- rate.

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